DynoDAO Governance

A unique governance structure built to revolutionize community proposals and make decisions for DynoChain.


Introducing the veDND governance token

veDND is the governance token of the DynoDAO which owns and operates DynoChain.
Holders are able to create and vote on protocol changes and decisions.

  • Protocol changes

  • Whitelisting 3rd party exchange/broker tokens on TruiumSwap

  • Adding derivatives to TruiumSwap

  • Emissions to veDND lending pools

  • Lending caps for veDND lending pools

  • Protocols joining the DND council

A snapshot is created

Via Snapshot, a member of the community or core team can create proposals related to protocol changes or any other proposed enterprise.

veDND holders vote

veDND holders vote on proposals. Voting power is proportional to a user’s veDND holdings.

Proposal conclusion

Once the voting period has concluded, action is taken depending on the results.