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Stake $DND, Earn Rewards

Participate in staking to secure Dyno Chain and earn DND tokens as a reward. To stake, you don’t need any particular hardware or device. You can do it directly from your phone or PC.

Access the wallet

Create a new wallet, or access an existing one using mnemonic or a keystore file.

Deposit your DND

Transfer your DND from an exchange to your DynoChain address.

Choose a validator

Select a validator lock up your DND from a minimum of 2 weeks up to a year to earn higher staking rewards.

Earn rewards

DynoChain is EVM compatible. Deploy and run your Ethereum dApps on DynoChain.

DND Rewards

Earn staking rewards

Fluid Rewards combines long-term sustainability for the network and maximum flexibility for stakers.

Choose to lock-up your tokens for a reward rate proportional to the lock-up period – up to 365 days and 13% APY – or just stake with no lock-up for the base rate – 4% APY



On Dyno Chain, there’s no minimum to stake. You can stake and earn rewards with just 1 DND.


Stake-as-you-go with no lock-up, or lock-up your DND up to 12 months.

Security rewarded

Staking is vital for the security of the network. Be part of it and earn rewards in exchange.

Run a node

Validator nodes are an essential part of the DynoChain. Validators run a full-node and participate in consensus to increase security and to forge new blocks.

  • Minimum requirement: 500,000 DND
  • Maximum validator size: 15x the self-stake amount
  • Earn rewards and a 15% fee on delegators rewards
  • Minimum hardware requirements

Liquid Staking

Liquidity Unlocked

Liquid Staking unlocks the value of your staked DND.
Mint sDND in a 1:1 ratio to your staked DND and use it as a collateral in Dyno Chain Finance, our all-in-one DeFi suite.

  • Value at work
  • No fees

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Frequently asked questions

What is staking?

  • Staking is the process of securing the network via locking up your tokens. It serves the same purpose as mining in a Proof-of-Work network such as Bitcoin.Validator nodes validate transactions and the staked tokens act as an economic incentive for stakers to play by the rules of the protocol.While staking means locking up your tokens, they are still in your wallet and only you have access to them. You can unlock your funds anytime.

Why should I stake?

  • By staking, you actively participate in securing the network. You will earn passive income by getting rewarded in DND.

Are my tokens SAFU when I stake?

  • Yes. Nobody except you will have access to your tokens. Make sure not to lose your mnemonic phrase or private key.

Can I lose my tokens when staking?

  • If you stake to a validator node that acts maliciously, you can lose all your staked tokens. It is important that you choose the validator node wisely and make sure they’re reputable.

Can a validator run away with the money?

  • No. In any case, a validator does not have access to any other tokens than its own. However, if a validator acts maliciously all the funds staked to that node can be lost.

What happens if a validator goes offline?

  • If a validator node goes offline, it stops receiving rewards since it’s not helping secure the network anymore. When it comes back online, the rewards resume.

Can I delegate multiple times?

  • No, you cannot use your tokens while staking. To withdraw them, you have to unstake them first. Unstaking takes 7 days.

Can I use my tokens while staking?

  • You can delegate as many times as you want, as long as you use a different address every time. At the moment only one delegation per wallet is possible.

What happens if I unstake my tokens during the lockup period?

  • If you unstake your tokens during the lockup period, you will lose the rewards and those rewards will be burned.

How long does it take to unstake my DND?

  • It takes 7 days. During that time you will not receive rewards. Once the 7 days pass, you can withdraw the tokens from your wallet.

Why are there unbonding times?

  • Long unbonding periods create stability in the network and prevent attackers from withdrawing their stake before the effects of their attack is reflected on the market.

Does my computer have to always be connected to stake?

  • Not at all. Staking happens on-chain, so it’s completely independent from your computer, mobile device or wallet. Once you have staked your tokens, you can safely log out from your wallet and if you want you can periodically access it to check your rewards balance.